Law firm Leuchter&Leuchterová, Ltd. is a law firm with a strong international orientation offering a broad range of legal services to business entities as well as entrepreneurs mainly in the areas of commercial law, company law, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, civil law, labor law, and litigation.

Further details concerning our services are provided under the section Expertise.

We provide our services in Czech, Slovak, English, French and Russian.

We are a „full service firm“providing advice tailored to the needs of our clients in a personal speedy and flexible manner.

The partners of Leuchter & Leuchterová Ltd. have acquired considerable experience from their previous practice of law in renowned Czech and international law firms.

Mgr. Darina Leuchterová leads the “French and Russian desks” of the firm and is responsible for the provision of legal services to its Russian and French speaking clients.

JUDr. Tomáš Leuchter is in charge of the management of the firm and concurrently leads the “English desk” of the firm responsible for the provision of services to English speaking clients.

In our daily practice we assist our clients not only in complex transactions but also in their day-to-day business related issues.

To this end, we offer our clients a contract for the provision of legal services tailored to their specific needs.

Members of statutory organs and managers of legal entities acknowledge their need of continuous legal assistance with respect to many transactions occurring in the course of the everyday running of their business.

The aim of this contract for the provision of legal services is to provide to our clients ongoing and flexible legal protection, expert review, consultation and/or other legal services in various areas of the law in light of their specific business focus.

For more information please see our section “Contract for the provision of legal services” or contact us.

LEUCHTER & LEUCHTEROVÁ s.r.o., advokátní kancelář
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